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Rachel and her husband went to their bedroom for some reunion sex after he had come back from one of his business trips. They didn't know that their stepson Alex was in Rachel's closet putting away some blankets. The young man did not have time to get out of the room. Instead, he hid himself behind the door. While he was there, curiosity got the better of him and he ended up peeking in on them. He saw his gorgeous stepmother strip out of her clothes to reveal herself in hot lingerie. Then he felt a surge of jealousy as he watched his stepfather kiss and caress her before fucking her hard in the missionary position

Опубликовано RedMILFRachelSteele
16 дней назад
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دخلتي هنا عشان محرومه من حاجه و بدوري عليها ولو علي النيك ما كل النسوان بتتناك بس فى حاجه اسمها المتعه و تخافي تطلبي من جوزك انك نفسك يعمل معاكي وضع معين او نفسك يحط زبر بين بزازك أو تقولي كلام نفسك تقولي و انتي تحت منه أو يتعمل معاكي بأسلوب نفسك تتعملي بي او نفسك يلحس كسك أو تمصى زبر أو تتناكي بعنف و شتيمه او تتناكي فى طيز او جوزك مهمل معاكي خالص ف العلاقه أو مش مكفيكي أو مسافر او انتي ارمله او انتي زي اغلب الستات فى الايام دي مطلقه نفسك تجربي متعه بجد حاجه انتي محرومه منهامهما كان سنك أو جسمك كلمني متكسفيش
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